Flutter Game Development

Ever thought about making your own video games? With powerful tools and packages like the Flame Engine and Rive GameKit, Flutter allows you to create highly performant and interactive games with relative ease.

Did you know that even without any external packages, Flutter is a great fit for creating UI-centric games, such as quizzes and puzzles? One of Flutter’s biggest strengths is its powerful and flexible UI capabilities, making it a top choice for games that are heavily based on the user interface.

With its easy-to-use widgets and state management, Flutter makes it simple to design and create engaging, interactive UIs for quiz or puzzle games.

Featured Games Made with Flutter

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Flutter Game Development Resources

If you want to make games in Flutter with features like collision and animations that can be found on many popular game engines, you can use these packages or toolkits.

Engines & Toolkits

  • Flame: Flame Engine is a comprehensive game development package for Flutter, offering a range of solutions to common game development challenges. Its features include a game loop, an object/component system (FCS), effects and particles, collision detection, and gesture and input handling. It also supports the management of images, animations, sprites, and sprite sheets, alongside providing general utilities to simplify the development process.
  • Rive GameKit: River GameKit is a powerful package developed for Flutter, designed to streamline game creation with a focus on high performance. It enables efficient control over the animation loop and interactive manipulation of animations through state machine inputs. Users can access and modify individual elements in the drawing hierarchy, precisely design their game scene, and utilize APIs designed to simplify game development. The underlying Renderer ensures optimal vector drawing, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  • Casual Games Toolkit: First introduced at Google I/O 2022, this toolkit is all about accelerating your mobile casual game development. It combines fresh and existing resources to give you a head start in creating those fun, addictive games everyone loves.
  • Leap: Leap is a platform game engine built on top of Flame. 
  • bon_fire: Bonfire is a package that is perfect for creating RPG-style or similar games in a much simpler way using Flame.
  • forge2d: It’s a neat package that lets you create 2D physics for your games. This one’s specially made for Dart, which is a programming language you might be familiar with. The best part? It’s modeled after Box2D, a well-known open-source physics engine.

Supportive Packages

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