Leap Tutorials

Leap is a tool designed to make 2D platform games using the Flame engine, and it’s got some cool features.


One of the key things it does is use Tiled, a tool for making game levels. 

Tiled doesn’t just make the levels look good; it also sets up behaviors and landscapes in the game by turning parts of your map into game components automatically.

Leap’s got its own way of handling physics, different from Flame’s usual system. It’s based on a method that’s great for tile-based platform games (those games where everything aligns nicely on a grid). 

Here’s what Leap can do for your game right now:

  • Make ground and terrain
  • Create one-way platforms (you can jump up but not fall through)
  • Include slopes and moving platforms
  • Add ladders for climbing

And they’re planning to add more stuff, like different kinds of ground (think icy surfaces), interactive and removable tiles, and one-way walls.