Steam Integration

Flutter, often seen as a mobile-first framework, also opens up a world of opportunities for desktop game development, and what better way to tap into this than by leveraging Steam’s massive user base? 

In this post, we will introduce the best packages to help integrate your Flutter game with Steam.

Why Steam Integration?

  • Expand Your Reach: Mobile platforms are big, no doubt. But Steam has a global user base running in millions. That’s a huge untapped audience!
  • More Revenue Streams: More platforms, more ways to make money. Think about it!
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: With Flutter, your game isn’t confined to one platform; it’s cross-platform right from the get-go.

Example: Omnichess is a published game that uses flame_steamworks package. It is an exciting game that enables you to create and enjoy your own unique versions of chess! It offers a wide range of possibilities, thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and online multiplayer functionality. 

Key Packages For Steam Integration:


A package updated to support Steamworks API 1.57, offering a Dart-friendly API.


An amalgamation of the Flame engine with Steamworks, designed to elevate your game development process.


Generates the binding for the Steam API, providing a seamless development experience.

  • Add steamworks_gen to your pubspec.yamldart pub add -d steamworks_gen
  • Add package:ffi to your pubspec.yamldart pub add ffi
  • Run the tool: dart run steamworks_gen <parameters> . Example: dart run steamworks_gen -o generated steam_api.json
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