Super Dash

Super Dash is an exciting new game, a Flutter demo project created using the Endless Runner Flame Template. This game, a result of our collaboration with Google’s Flutter team, showcases the power of Flutter and Flame in developing multiplatform games. 

Reminiscent of timeless classics like Super Mario, Super Dash is a side-scrolling platformer where you guide Dash in collecting acorns and eggs to boost your score and advance through the levels.

In Super Dash, the Flutter team harnessed the power of Flame, an open-source game engine designed for Flutter. Flutter on its own is great for many casual games, but when you need more advanced features like a game loop, collision detection, and maps, that’s where Flame shines.

The game takes the basic Flame Template from the Casual Games Toolkit to the next level, thanks to the Leap project. Leap, an open-source initiative by Kurtome from the Flame Community, brings additional functionalities to the table. 

Here’s how to dive into the game:

  • Dash automatically runs through each level.
  • Your goal is to collect Acorns, worth 10 points each, and Eggs, each scoring a whopping 1000 points.
  • To play, just hit the spacebar or tap your screen. This makes Dash jump over bugs and pits.
  • Look out for the Golden Feather!
  • Grabbing it transforms Dash into a Phoenix, boosting her jump and granting an extra life.