Slide Z

Slide Z is like taking the classic sliding puzzle game you know and love and giving it an exciting 3D twist! Instead of sliding around flat tiles, you’re now working with pillars of different heights, and the game is all about getting those pillars in the right order.

GitHub | Demo

Playing Slide Z: Imagine having a 3D puzzle game where you don’t just slide pieces but break and assign pillars according to their heights. Sounds fun, right? The dynamic gameplay makes it a strategic challenge, but there’s a soothing and calming vibe to it as well. The visuals are a treat for the eyes, adding to the overall relaxing experience.

Behind the Game: The developer of Slide Z wanted something more than just another 3D puzzle game. They were after beauty, intrigue, and a tranquil atmosphere. And they nailed it! The interesting environment and captivating gameplay make Slide Z stand out from the rest.

What’s the Goal?: The mission in Slide Z is pretty straightforward but addictive. You’ve got to solve the puzzle by arranging the pillars based on their heights. It’s a fresh and engaging twist on the sliding puzzle concept.

So why is it called Slide Z (pronounced Slide Zee)? Well, the “Z” in the name hints at the three-dimensional aspect of the game, but also the zing that comes from playing something that’s so different and yet so familiar.