Ghost Rigger

Ghost Rigger is a cyberpunk puzzle adventure built with Flutter and Flame, where you combat mega-corporation schemes as a hacker in 2078.



The year 2078. Planet Earth is under the thumb of the all-powerful megacorp, Native Development Initiative (or NDI for short). While they’re busy cooking up their next nefarious plan to pad their pockets, there’s a group on the digital frontline working in the shadows to resist them – the hackers of Unanymous.

Among the Unanymous, you’ve got the elite: the ghost riggers. These are the rebels focused on combating NDI’s sinister schemes.

You? You’re about to step into the shoes of a ghost rigger. Your mission? Crack those puzzles, progress through the game, and unravel a captivating narrative.


What sets this game apart? Not just its gripping story, but its tech! The developer has blended Flutter’s classic layouts with a dynamic game view brought to life by Flame. And for that old-school typewriter vibe in text animations? Props to the Animated Text Kit library.