Dungeon Lord

Dungeon Lord is an exciting single-player card game developed by MJD Game Studios. In this fantasy-themed game, you lead a team of adventurers into a dungeon. Your goal? To find treasure and gain fame.

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It’s turn-based, meaning you take turns to play and involves using magical spells and enchanted weapons to overcome various enemies and traps. The game is designed for quick play sessions, typically lasting 5-10 minutes, and it’s both easy to start playing and challenging to master.


  • It’s a single-player game focusing on strategic turn-based play.
  • You get to build your deck dynamically as you progress.
  • The game offers endless levels of dungeons to explore.
  • You’ll discover powerful weapons, spells, and magic items.
  • The game promises quick gameplay and, importantly, no ads to interrupt your adventure.

Here’s a look at the three main game modes:

  1. Standard Mode: This is the straightforward mode where your adventure is a one-time dive into the dungeon, aiming to collect as much loot as possible. It’s simple: you enter the dungeon, try to grab as much treasure as you can and get out. The challenge? Try beating the record of 1 billion gold!
  2. Dungeon Delve: This mode is more of a campaign, where you aim to go as deep into the dungeons as possible. It’s a nod to the classic game “Diablo”. Starting at level 1, you and your heroes level up, collect loot, and learn new spells. But, the dungeons get tougher, with new traps and stronger monsters at each level. The unique aspect here is that no two dungeon runs are the same, thanks to a variety of challenges like a Fatigue mechanic and ever-changing enemies.
  3. Daily Dungeon: This is a competitive mode where you face off against other players, all using the same deck of cards. It’s a battle to see who can best navigate a single dungeon and emerge as the ultimate Dungeon Lord.