Break Guns Using Gems

Break Guns Using Gems is an open-source mobile game that brings an innovative twist to side-scrolling platformers. Available on both Android and iOS, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat!


It is developed by the Fireslime Team using Flame engine. This open-source gem is also an excellent example to learn more about the potential of Flame. 

In this action-packed adventure, you take on the role of a tiny robot with a mission to avoid obstacles and gather precious gems. What makes this game truly unique is the ability to use those gems strategically to block the relentless guns that are out to get you. How long can you endure the challenging obstacles in this endless runner?

As you progress, collect coins to not only unlock new adventures but also to purchase over 30 awesome custom skins for your tiny robot. Personalize your experience and stand out in style!

Mastering the controls is key to your success. Hold the left side of the screen to make your robot jump, and remember, the longer you hold, the higher the jump upon release. On the other hand, if you need to descend quickly, hold the right side of the screen after your jumps.

The controls are simple yet innovative, creating a smooth and engaging gaming experience. Challenge yourself to improve with each attempt, striving to become the best among your friends and unlock all the achievements!

If you’re feeling creative, explore the playground mode, where you can customize the game to your heart’s content. Experiment with various configurations and let your imagination run wild!